Defence Offsets

Tri Polus

Defence Offsets are forms of purchasing arrangements, which have become a common feature of large value aerospace and defence transactions. The practice of using Offsets among industrialized countries began in the 1950s and Offsets are as old as industrial collaboration in armament production. However, while twenty years ago only about 20 countries (mostly within NATO) had Offset policies, the figure is now over 120. Trading prospects are enhanced for both vendors and recipients through Offsets as they override financial constraints on transactions.

Tri Polus - Approach to Offsets

As a spin-off from Tri Polus’s activities related to working with clients looking to enter a new market/region, together with its understanding of the local industrial base, coupled with its knowledge of the local countries Offset policies provides a different approach to dealing with Offsets. Tri Polus identifies candidate projects that could benefit from Offsets and works to qualify these projects prior to offering them to its Offset clients.

The approach provides the capability to work with clients world-wide and at any given time the number of projects and state of development vary. Tri Polus is active in the following countries:

Tri Polus has also undertaken work in a number of European countries.

Tri Polus partners with multinational aerospace and defence corporations and their suppliers, to help them fulfil their Offset obligations and increase their competitiveness. Tri Polus has secured a number of North American and European clients with Offset obligations.

The Offset services provided by Tri Polus complement existing activities of OEMs with new strategies, networks, techniques and experience for managing the fulfilment of their Offset obligations.

Tri Polus also offer a range of Offset educational seminars which provide an introduction to the global Offset scene and, for a particular region, focus on the detailed Offset guidelines and policies as well as how to benefit from Offsets.