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  • US blames Microsoft ‘cascade of errors’ for Chinese hack
    DefenceTalkA scathing US government report found that an intrusion into Microsoft servers by a Chinese hacking group, which breached the emails of multiple senior US officials, was due to a “cascade of avoidable errors” by the tech giant. The Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB), led by the US Department of Homeland Security, conducted a seven-month […]
  • TikTok hit with UK fine, Australia government ban
    DefenceTalkTikTok was dealt fresh setbacks Tuesday as Australia joined a list of Western nations banning the Chinese-owned apps from government devices and Britain fined it for allowing children under 13 to use the social media platform. The popular video-sharing app has come under growing pressure in Western countries, with the United States urging TikTok to […]
  • Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’ at 40: Battle of the satellites
    DefenceTalkForty years after US president Ronald Reagan stunned the nation and world with his “Star Wars” plan to take nuclear competition into outer space, a new battle of the satellites has emerged in the stratosphere. Largely because it far outpaced technology at the time, very little became of Reagan’s March 23, 1983 declaration that the […]
  • White House gives federal agencies 30 days to enforce TikTok ban
    DefenceTalkThe White House on Monday gave federal agencies 30 days to purge Chinese-owned video-snippet sharing app TikTok from all government-issued devices, setting a deadline to comply with a ban ordered by the US Congress. Office of Management and Budget director Shalanda Young in a memorandum called on government agencies within 30 days to “remove and […]
  • Countries urge action for rules on AI use in war
    DefenceTalkCountries including the United States and China called Thursday for urgent action to regulate the development and growing use of artificial intelligence in warfare, warning that the technology “could have unintended consequences”. A two-day meet in The Hague involving more than 60 countries took the first steps towards establishing international rules on use of AI […]
  • AI voice tool ‘misused’ as deepfakes flood web forum
    DefenceTalkA British AI firm said it was rethinking its “safeguards” after its audio tool was used to clone celebrity voices and have them say racist and homophobic slurs. Eleven Labs tweeted on Monday that it had been a “crazy weekend” and admitted to finding “an increasing number of voice cloning misuse cases” just days after […]
  • Airbus to provide satellite communications for Belgian Armed Forces
    DefenceTalkAirbus has signed a contract with the Belgian Ministry of Defence to provide tactical satellite communications services for a 15 year period. The Armed Forces will utilize channels of the Airbus UHF (Ultra High Frequency) military communications hosted payload on-board a commercial telecommunications satellite manufactured by Airbus. “With this new UHF payload, Airbus will be […]
  • US DoD Names Vendors to Provide Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability
    DefenceTalkThe Defense Department awarded contracts to four technology companies to provide services in support of its Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability. The four companies include Amazon Web Services Inc., Google Support Services LLC, Microsoft Corporation and Oracle. “This is a huge day for the department and what we can bring to our warfighters, particularly for areas […]
  • US teases ‘major’ science news amid fusion energy reports
    DefenceTalkThe US Department of Energy said Sunday it would announce a “major scientific breakthrough” this week, after media reported a federal laboratory had recently achieved a major milestone in nuclear fusion research. The Financial Times reported Sunday that scientists in the California-based Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) had achieved a “net energy gain” from an […]
  • Pentagon splits $9 billion cloud contract among Google, Amazon, Oracle and Microsoft
    DefenceTalkThe Pentagon announced Wednesday it has awarded $9 billion in cloud computing contracts to Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle, after scrapping a previous deal during a dispute between two of those firms. The Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) is a “multiple-award contract vehicle that will provide the DoD the opportunity to acquire commercial cloud capabilities […]